Thursday, October 14, 2010

Haybale Arrangement in the meantime...

I haven't been crafting the past few days as as I have been taking a few day trips with my husband. First we went to New Hope and was very disappointed...not what we expected.  I used to go there as a kid with my family but it certainly has changed. Smithville was nice as we walked through all the shops. I even picked up a Christmas gift or two. Cape May was relaxing, aside from me freaking out in the lighthouse about halfway up (I am afraid of heights), but I regrouped and made it to the top and walked around the outside (hugging the wall, but I did it!)

So, I thought that I would share this haybale arrangement that I had made in the meantime. Hope that you like it. I always decorate Fall and Halloween together (if you look carefully, you can see my spiderweb tablecloth and the mice on the table and pumpkin). Then, when Halloween is over, I take down all the scary stuff, turn the jack-o-lanterns around, (so they just look like pumpkins) and decorate with Thanksgiving. How do you decorate?

Enjoy the day and imagine what you could do....

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