Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cartridge and Ribbon Storage...And A Touch of Spring

I have been having trouble with my computer lately...which is never a good thing. Couldn't upload photos yesterday, so I couldn't post this.

How do you store your cartridges? Do you keep the boxes or get rid of them? How about your ribbon? Do you keep it on the spools or take it off? Let me know what works for you.

I was not happy no matter what I tried. First, I had the cartridges in storage boxes and then I had them in drawers, but neither thing really worked for me. The next thing I tried was a bookshelf, which I liked better, but it took up so much space into the room and there was so much wasted space on the shelves (the shelves were like 10 1/2" wide and the boxes are only 4"). I had some ribbon in drawers and others were just sitting out wherever I could find room. It was really driving me crazy. Last Thursday, I was at IKEA (what a cool store), and saw another bookcase that I liked better, but to be honest I didn't want to spend $75 for it, Plus, it didn't solve my ribbon problems. So, I came home and sat down and designed a unit that I thought would work. On Friday, my husband and I went out to Lowes, just to check wood prices. Yes, of course, we bought some and the hardware. We came home and I marked all the wood for the cuts, etc. Then, on Sunday, my husband cut and put it all together. Now mind you, it still needs to be painted, but I'm very happy with it. What do you think?

The shelves are adjustable (poor man had to drill over 120 holes for that...lol), so I can change it as needed. I have three extra shelves (two are sitting under the unit and one is on another shelf...where the ribbon is sitting...this is because I ran out of the metal tabs that hold the shelves...so back to Lowes I have to go..lol). It only sticks out about 4 1/2" and it is right behind my desk (where my computer and Cricut Expression are). I think this is going to work for me. What do you think?

Now I'm not sure if you picked up on that we went shopping on Friday, but didn't make it until Sunday? Well, that was because on Saturday we went via a Rutgers bus trip to New York City to see Lion King. What a fabulous show! My youngest had seen it with my sister-in-law about 10-12 years ago, and he always said that I needed to go...but it had to be on Broadway. The show is always sold out and so expensive, I didn't think that I ever would get the chance. However, about a month ago, the tickets became available through a Rutgers event for students and alumni. Couldn't have worked out better...we all had a wonderful day in New York City and then the show in the evening. Absolutely great day!

Don't forget about the Give-away..just go to yesterday's post (click here) and leave a comment. (You have until tomorrow night). Winner will be posted on Thursday. Thanks.

Spring is just around the corner...
(can't come soon enough for me) and to see this in my front yard, gives me hope!

Enjoy the rest of the day...imagine what you could do...........


  1. Hey Dana-does your dear hubby have time to make an extra one of those? I sure could use one. Nice job.

    Happy Blogging,

  2. Dana, this is excellent! What a great job you and your husband did. Love that it's only 4-1/2" deep. I have my cartridges on a shelf that's deeper and you're right, it's wasting space. I do keep my ribbons in a drawer, but I don't mind that at all. Great job!!-- Pat N.

  3. Dana, this is so cool, I need to do this, so neat! Tfs:)

  4. What a great idea! I love the flowers in your front yard....I've got a couple months for that around my house-so jealous! :)


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