Monday, December 27, 2010

Trying To Recover...

I hope everyone had a safe and healthy Christmas. Did Santa bring you everything you wanted? I must have been a good girl, cause I did get some new crafting stuff...
The past week seems like a whirlwind to me. Last Tuesday, my husband, Joe, and I went to see "White Christmas" in Philadelphia. It was really good.
On Wednesday, we headed up to New York to see an off-Broadway show. Our youngest son gave us the tickets for Christmas. It was called "My Sinatra A Musical About Obsession". It was very entertaining. Before the show, we walked in Central Park for a little, then had dinner at this little Irish pub called Malachy's Donagal Inn. I had a cheeseburger and my husband had a peppers and sausage sandwich. We both thought the food was excellent.
On Thursday, my husband's family came over (his mother...she was visiting from Florida, his niece, and two of his sisters and their husbands) to celebrate the holidays. I decided to make pork roast for dinner and put three of them in the oven. Now can anyone please explain to me how one of them was cooked, yet the other two were pretty much still raw after cooking it longer than it said? In the end, I sliced them up and threw them in the microwave and cooked them that way. I was, to say the least, a little flustered. However, they ended up fine.
On Friday, Christmas Eve, we celebrated Christmas with our immediate family. My husband had to work out of town on Christmas Day, so we decided to celebrate it early so everyone was there.
On Saturday, Christmas Day, the boys, my husband's aunt and I went over to my cousin's house for Christmas dinner. Lots of laughs...always!
This brings us to yesterday where it snowed all was just one of those lazy days. I did play a little with one of my new Cricut Cartridges (Wrap It Up). However, in reality, not much got done.
Today....well, the first thing is digging out of the snow...guess I better get that done...then maybe some crafting time. We'll see...
Hope to be back soon with some projects. Til then, imagine what you could do...

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