Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Other Projects and Acknowedgements

I want to apologize for not having any crafting for a while. We are in the very long process of redoing a bedroom for my son, Jason. First, he had to go through about 20 some years of stuff and empty the room. That in itself, took way too much time. However, with work schedules and other projects like rebuilding a play area and building the new garden...what are you going to do? Then, I patched the holes and nicks, sanded and wiped everything down on Saturday. Sunday was Mother's Day and well, I was invited out for the day. Yesterday, we ripped the rug out of the room. So today is painting day (ceiling, walls and trim)...rug is scheduled to come on Thursday.  Of course, then it's the process of getting everything back into the room.( I am not looking forward to that! Way too much stuff! lol) And guess what, right after that is done, we get to move two more rooms around. My other two sons are trading bedrooms...at least I don't have to get rugs for either of those. I'm hoping that these projects will be completely finished by the end of the month. Oh, guess I have to open the pool sometime soon too. It's always something...isn't it?

However, with all of this, I do want to acknowledge a few things and say "Thanks". First, I just found out that via Randon.org I was the winner for the Cricut Cartridge Chaos Challenge last week at More Than Favors. I now qualify for the drawing at the end of the month for a cartridge. (Yea!). Secondly, I received notice that I was chosen to receive a three month membership for the Cricut Circle from Susan at Busy with the Cricky. (Woo Hoo). I can't wait to try it. And last, but not least, I received an award from Crystal at Little Creations. Thank you so much.

Here are the rules for the Cricut-tastic Award:
Your blog has been deemed Cricut-tastic. Wear this badge proudly on your blog and share it with friends. Share this award with 10 people that you think have Cricut-tastic blogs. You also have to tell 5 cricut related things about yourself.

This is who I would like to share this award with...(now please understand, I hate this part...there are way too many talented crafters out there that I admire...but here goes...and in no particular order)


(Ok is it just me? Sometimes I don't understand why the blogger does things it does...like post in different colors or with spaces...sometimes I can correct it and sometimes I can't...oh well...)

5 Related Cricut Things...
1. I love my Expression
2. I am lost without my Design Studio. Use it ALL the time!
3. I have 64 cartridges.
4. I use Cricut Jukebox...have several of them.
5. My favorite cartridge is...pretty much the one I am using at the time...lol

Ok..it's time for me to start on the painting...or it will never get done. Hope to do some paper crafting soon...until then...thanks for stopping by

imagine what you could do....


  1. Thanks Dana for the award and thinking of me.
    My goodness you have a lot going on in your household right now. It will be great once it is all done.

    I know you have been busy- so let me know if your still bug hopping with me.

  2. Wow...you are a busy lady! But, just think how nice it will be when all of your projects are finished! Thank you for thinking of me with this sweet blog award! Hope you finish up the house stuff soon so you have a chance to play!!

  3. Wow, Dana, you've got a lot on your plate! It's good to be busy but I'm sure you'll be glad when it's all done! Good luck with the painting.
    Thanks so much for thinking of me and passing along the award. I appreciate it! I couldn't live without my Design Studio either. I have a Gypsy, too, but depend on my DS!!

  4. Hi Dana, thanks for thinking of me for the Cricutastic Award! Very cool. I will post about it soon. I think I need to talk to you about Design Studio. I have it, have used it once, and I know I'm going to love using it. But I just have to figure out some quirky stuff about it. Think I could ask questions to you when I get stuck?--Pat

  5. Wow! You're a busy lady! Congrats on your award, and thanks so much for passing it on to me. :o)



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