Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Gianna's Carnival Party

Here are a few pictures from the party that we had for Gianna's 3rd birthday. (I promised you that I would share).

Some of the games (There were 12 total):

Knock 'Em Down

Fish Bowl

Duck Pond

Pin The Nose On The Clown

Feed Me

Spray Away

Pie In The Eye

Prize Table (All of the Games had Prizes also)

Food Tables
We had Corn Dogs, Mini Corn Dogs, Hot Dogs, Peanuts, Popcorn, Cracker Jacks, Cotton Candy, Chips, Chicken and Bagel Bites. All the favorites.

I made bags for the peanuts.

(I just love the chips hanging on the sides).

I even made signs for the Lemonade and Name Tags for the Mason Jar drink glasses.

Gianna helped me make the signs for all of the games and tables. She painted the backgrounds in blue, red, green or yellow, then I splatted some extra paint on them. I then used my Cricut and all different Fonts to cut out all the names of the games and tables.

It was warm that day, so the pool was next on the list.

It was a lot of work, but everyone had a great time! Hope you enjoyed the pictures...

imagine what you could do......


  1. OMGoodness what fun!! Your creativity is amazing and I'm sure Gianna loved every single second of her party. Your love for her comes through loud and clear. You're awesome!

  2. Wow! that was some birthday party--she must have felt like she was at a carnival. Good job with all your decorations and signs. TFS!--Pat


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