Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunshine Blogger Award

The other dayI was honored to be presented with this award from Sandra (a design team sister on Digi Haven). Thank you. 

Here are the rules for the Sunshine Award!

1. Include the award logo in your post.
2. Thank the blogger who gave it to you and include a link back to them.
3. Answer 10 questions about you, that you have made up yourself.
4. Nominate up to 10 Bloggers and contact them to inform them.

Okay, so here are the questions, let's go!

1. What is my favorite animal? you never saw that coming....hahaha

2. What do I like to read?
I like mysteries, craft magazines and Family Circle.

3. What is my favorite color?
Actually, I don't think I have one right now. It depends on my mood.

4. Who are your heroes?
My sons...My oldest for the way he takes care of his daughter. My middle son for how he has overcome so many obstacles with Dyslexia and obtained his Masters in Education. My youngest son for the way he always finds time to volunteer and help others...whether it's as a firefighter, going down to the shore and helping with clean-up from Sandy or collecting supplies for under privilege school districts. 

5. What did I do before stamping took over my free time?
i don't have a clue...I have been crafting all my life.

6. What is my favorite holiday?
Christmas with Halloween a close second.

7. What did I want to be when I was a little girl?
I wanted to be a teacher, a model or a doctor. (I guess a mother, I really ended up being all three, huh?)

8. Where do I get my inspiration from?
Usually from an idea for a challenge. Sometimes, it is an image....

9. What do I do when I am not busy stamping/crafting?
I work, watch TV and go on (among other things....)

10. Who is my favorite singer?
I don't have just one because I like different types of music. 

Now I will pass on this award to 10 people who inspired me.

Actually, I don't have 10 but I will pass this on to (not in any particular order):

The Design Teams at Digi Haven and CardzTV

Pat at Pat's Scraps

Jessica at Chick-n-Scrap

Thanks again, Sandra.

imagine what you could do...


  1. Thanks so much for thinking of me!!

  2. Aww, Dana, thank you so much! How sweet of you to think of me for this award. It's much appreciated.--Pat


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