Monday, August 29, 2011

Update From The Hurricane And The Winner Is....

Update and the winner of my give-away....

First, thanks for the concerns with Hurricane Irene....We ended up without too much trouble...we did not lose power. (Two flickers, that's all). The only damage we had was on our plastic on the window of our porch. We will have to replace it but really NO BIG DEAL. I feel very blessed that was all that happened. 

My three sons decided that it was a perfect time to go swimming in the rain (although the photo does show that it really was pouring).  Then they decided to make a slip 'n slide...

They had such a great time. Afterward, they sang happy birthday (ice cream cake) and then we played a few games. I really enjoyed spending time with them (even though I didn't win any of the games! Don't they know that the birthday person is suppose to win? lol). Unfortunately, my husband had to be at work.

Now to the winner....
Using Random Number Generator....#9 

annette said...

I just love the birthday sign, card and especially the cake goodie box. I have been trying to use my circuit cutter more often. I have to thank you for inspiring me to get it in the first place and this blog of yours is what gives me the additional inspiration to use it. For your birthday I think you should either spend it with Joe and the boys and your granddaughter if you can. We all know finding time when everyones schedules coordinate is hard to come by and if that doesn't work go to a spa for a few hours of me time. Call me I will go with you. LOL Enjoy your day. Love and friends Annette You know where to find me.


  1. Congrats, Annette! Hope you enjoyed your day, Dana. Just spending time with family is usually fun enough!--Pat N.

  2. Glad the storm wasn't so bad! Love that the boys were playing in the pool during the rain! Glad you had a nice birthday, that cake looks good!

  3. So glad you are all OK! Looks like your boys had so much fun!


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